Confidentiality Counselling & Personal Development



With Intuïtonem you bring a breath of fresh air, original thinkers and creative doers into your organization. Every assignment is unique and requires specific unconditional attention. You will receive it from us. All the time.

Because habits are often deeply ingrained and patterns continuously repeat themselves, we offer training and coaching programs that touch the essence of the change.



As liaison officers, we enter your organization. Inspiring, with a clear view, focused on original ideas, with full attention to every person: that is what you can expect from us. Every time.

Core values: everyone is equally important. Everything is connected. Everyone is connected. This realization and this respect is contagious.



Trust is the basis for real contact. Back and forth. As an equal partner, we are committed to secrecy. This means that we work with the utmost care and only share information with your permission.



Pauline Meursing

Intuïtonem is founded by Pauline Meursing. She studied educational and behavioral science. Her specialism concerns personal development, coaching and guiding teams to optimize cooperation. More than 30 years she is actively involved in issues on social, cultural and personal care. Her goal is to make a difference and give opportunity to improvements.

Background and education
• Post-doctoraal opleidingsadviseur (KSG);
• Zijnsgeoriënteerd begeleider (School voor Zijnsoriëntatie);
• Human Resource Advisor (ATOS-KPMG);
• Sociotechnische Leergang (ST-Groep);
Hypnotherapist (IAPCH);
• LVV recognized external confidential counselor for unwanted contact and integrity;

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